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[Pinned] Welcome Back, Welcome Home!

With "Wrath of the Lich King" right around the corner, the Officers of Suncrown and I have decided to prepare ourselves for any old faces that might pop up again and would want to reactivate their super-swank <Suncrown> guild tag.If you are ...
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[Pinned] Friends of all Types

edit because I was half asleep when I wrote this.As per our discussion in the OOC meeting.This will be the catch all thread for Friends of Suncrown so we can keep in contact outside Suncrown. If you have and addendums to the list, please feel free...
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Suncrowns: Where are they now edition.

Hey all,I still login every now and then to manage things here and there like the webpage :)You can still access your old suncrown email via gmail if you want, but it can't send or receive anything.Currently I go by Keidras in most games.I joined ...
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Was chatting about SC....

So I was talking about the good old of days and thought I'd stop by an see what's going on. I miss the fun of Suncrown and hold all of you great people are still well!
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Howdy, ya'll!

So I haven't seen or spoken to most of you in a loooooong long time and probably a lot of you don't even know who I am. Kind of wondering who is still active and who has disappeared forever. With Mists coming up, I thought it would be nice to catc...
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Notes from Hyjal

Hey all! Missing you all and dropping in to let you know I am doing alright. Slowly gone up from 25 Kiosks to 43 Kiosks the past few weeks, so that really helps my financial situation. I have been paying people back in dribs and drabs as I can, so...
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Happy Towel Day, SC!

Happy Towel Day, SC! <3 :3
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359 cloth chest for sale!

Sellin' Dizze's Whirling Robe on the neutral AH RIGHT NOW for 30K! If it doesn't sell in the next 48 hours I would be happy to part with it for a Suncrown-only discount of 20K gold! Drop me a line if interested.Good luck and happy bidding!
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[EVENT] Second Annual Moonberry Rave: 2/4 @5:30pm ST

You are formally invited to attend the second annual Moonberry Rave! Nighthaven, MoongladeDate: Friday, February 4th.Time: 5:30pm STPlease feel free to invite your guild and fr...
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[Event] Crusaders hosting Rated-BG, February 6th

Crusaders is looking to host a unique PvP (semi-RP) event.Sunday February 6th, starting at 5pm Server time and going until we get tired and bored, the Crusaders will be hosting an evening of all Paladin rated BGs.Requirements - Level 85 Paladin, a...
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It seems you guys made it to the's screenshot of the day... Congrats you sexy devils!
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The forge was quite, a rare moment for the blacksmith as he finished his painting. The sun was just cresting the mountain tops as he put the finishing touches on his last masterpiece."I have no idea where you find the time to paint between the And...
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Delivery to Suriah.

Can someone let her know this is waiting for her? Please and thanks.
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Second Delivery.

"Once upon a time, I saw a angel."
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We're even.
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Glorious Return!

To whom it may concern,After giving this much thought (and a fair amount of getting Agho'linn and Kallise drunk), I shall be returning to the fold! Be prepared to see Lord Raynilian Starsworn making appearances once again. As for Lord Zenithei, hi...
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Want a signature?

Your chance now!Story writing contestKallise edit: Adding the original text to this post, and adjusting the subject from "What a signature?" to "Want a signature?"Hi!So, it’s fun time here at the RP Haven and this month I shall be holding story wr...
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You're invited!/moo
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25 Man ICC for the Week of 6/24

The final bosses are slated for progression for next week:- Putricide- Lanathel- Valthiria- Sindragosa*I fully expect us to down Putricide, Lanaethel, and Valthiria. I think we may need a week on Sindragosa.In any event, please plan on bringing y...
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