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Good Fortune Commerce
Order Name: The Good Fortune Commerce

Thalassian Translation: Il'amare Isera'duna

: Yes Not currently.

Order Symbol: --Soon--

Order Bio: Created in order to help bolster the falling economy of Silvermoon, Lord Ulian Silverleaf met with Melitha Firedawn and proposed a joint stock company formed between the two.

Since then, the Ill'amare Isera'duna has flourished into a very lucrative business venture, though it is no longer chartered to House Silverleaf, due to its previous lord, Ulian's, misdoings and traitorous activities. The Ill'amare, for all intensive rights and purposes, is currently acting on its own accord and through its own funding. It is acting as its own autonomous entity.

The Il'amare Isera'duna is a budding business venture, and as such, something that needs to be nurtured before it can be fully recognized as a vehicle through which the entirety of the Sin'dorei population can prosper and flourish. With that said, there is a long line of things to be done, and an adaquate time table has been written up for it. Below are the goals of the organization as is stands:

A) Assist Silvermoon to restore it to the shining city of prosperity and magic that it was prior to the event four years ago. In order to do that, a bit of the profit proceeds will be gifted to the government of Silvermoon to be used for reconstructive and restorative purposes.

B) Trade Trade Routes and Merchantile Business
The merchant business will be one of the main points in saving Silvermoon, but it's a large enough point that it warrents its own section. Trade routes are grouped in with these due to the need for transportation as well as a safe passage through areas.

1) Merchants and business
As they are the major building block of the entire order, people who are willing to sell and barter trade goods, services, and items of value are a valued commodity themselves in this venture. Initially, it would be best to try to find the best, or at least well qualified persons to fill positions and those who are willing to do as much as possible for the betterment of Silvermoon, not to mention themselves.

2) Trade Routes
There is no business without the proper trade routes, and to do that we need people who are apt at handling the wilds and willing to go out there to set these routes and make them a solid and safe passage for merchant and traveler alike. To do this, there is a need for willing adventurers and guardians for these merchants and those that will push out and venture into the wilderness to set a name for this venture.