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Range Guard
Order Name: Tera'solas Order, Ranger Guard

Chartered: Yes

Order Symbol: Sword and shield overlapped by even scales

Order Bio: The Tera'solas Order provides protection for House Andilien. Primarily defending Andilien's trade caravans while abroad, as well as performing bodyguard detail. It's members are experts at ranged and hand to hand combat, tracking, scouting, as well as defensive and offensive spellcraft. Members of Tera'solas are cunning and think quickly on their feet. They are the best choice for protection of person and goods when out in the wilds.

The Order is committed to Trade, Exploration, Security and Investigation, as it relates to the worlds and lands of Azeroth, and to the protection of those in House Suncrown who may need help as they decide to go beyond the walls of Silvermoon and explore the wider world. Tera'solas is committed to upholding the good name of the Rangers, and becoming a force to be compared to the Farstriders.