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Link to facebook groups, steam groups, etc.

We have a Steam Group:
Do a search for Suncrown, Kediras (Analeia) is the admin, not really active just a way for us to get in touch with steam.

We used to have a facebook group... I think whomever was managing it shut it down though, we can start another one if people would like.

Blizzard channel: Not yet, would people want one?
Discord: No official suncrown one however you can find some former suncrown member in the following:

Eventide Vanguard:

This was a splinter group from Midnight Reveries that a few Vanguard gaming members also joined, I mostly am hanging out with these guys now a days, come say hi.

Vanguard Gaming

This was the attempt at making the Dread Horde a larger more open gaming community but mostly fell apart after everyone lost interest in Wow. You'll still find various members of the Dread Horde lurking about however.

Midnight Reveries: Not sure their's is open to anyone, but they have a discord as well and if you want probably just sign up on their forum.

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