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First off, thank you for visiting our site and having an interest in our Guild. Suncrown originally centered its vision on the concept of a mafia family. Over time, that concept has morphed into a complex noble family, complete with orders of retainers and other noble houses, all of which have sworn allegiance to Lord Suncrown. Ultimately, we expect to have the same conflicts within this noble family that one might expect to find in the mafia: power struggles, violence, machismo, moral conflicts and strong loyalty.

If you would like to find out what is currently brewing within Suncrown, we invite you to check out our Suncrown's Plots and Story Arcs Forum. There might be an intriguing plot line we could introduce your character into. If you do not have an idea of what type of Character you would like to play, check out some ideas in our Houses and Orders sections.

Some words of caution before proceeding with you application!

If you’re interested in joining Suncrown, there are a few things you should know before proceeding to the application process.

  1. Please have at least a passing familiarity with blood elf and Suncrown lore before applying. Use wowwikki for general Blizzard lore and you can link to our Guild Lore anything Suncrown;

  2. Please Note: Our guild’s thrust is for Role-Playing, and our guild-wide plotlines move along quickly, leaving many opportunities to lose a less-played character in the shuffle. We want our entire guild to be involved with our plotlines, and we don’t want to lose characters in the shuffle. Please bear this in mind when applying for Suncrown;

  3. Suncrown’s process for accepting new applicants is nor quick nor easy. Applicants who have a compelling RP reason to be a part of Suncrown may take less time to incorporate into our guild. We will incorporate applicants as quickly as possible, but please keep in mind that even though we have more than one incorporator, you may be incorporated out of turn based on your incorporator’s schedule;

  4. If there are significant lore conflicts in your story, it will delay your incorporation. For the sake of your incorporator, please try to avoid character backgrounds that involve amnesia and/or being raised by other races: dwarves/undead/trolls, etc;

  5. Try to make a character that is original, unique and complex. They should be your own creation or from one of the suggested character ideas, not a knock off of an existing character (from any media). They should follow the lore and storylines as they have been written by Blizzard and/or us, and not from some other fantasy world. Names like Drizzty, Gandalfo, or holypally, hamsandwish, etc. will not be allowed;

  6. Try not to make a character that is a simple stereotype, even if it's entertaining. In other words, your character should not revolve around one simple idea: he is big and dumb/she is total slut/he's smart! Try instead to think about motivations and reasons. A better character might be used to being treated like an idiot because of a speech impediment, so he keeps his mouth shut to avoid ridicule;

  7. Finally, the onus is on the applicant. We are delighted to recruit new players, but they must meet our criteria before being accepted. We will not pursue you. Applicants with ten days of inactivity will see their application rejected.

Application process:

If you’re still interested in joining Suncrown, please follow this application process before submitting your application:

  1. Fill out an application using either the ‘apply for membership’ link below the Join us tab or the link at the bottom of this page.

  2. Understand the question presented to you and answer them accordingly:
    1. Your Name
    2. You don't have to give us a surname but we would appreciate a name we could call you by.

    3. Email:
    4. As already stated in various places, you need to provide us with a valid email address. This is so we can initiate the process of incorporation as well as it's important for mmoguildsite so you may receive important communication in regard to guild acceptance or rejection or your password/account information. If the email is found not to be valid we may reject your application.

    5. Main Character:
    6. Only put the first name of your character here.

    7. Race and Class:
    8. Are you applying for a visitors pass?
    9. This question can be ignored entirely if you intend to apply to join our guild. This question is solely suited for those who seek a visitor pass to our site if they are not already part of an allied guild whithin the mmoguildsites community. They will not be part of our guild. These individuals will only have access to post in selected forums and participate in the shoutbox conversations. For those seeking a Visitors pass, they only need to answer this question and then save the application.

    10. Have you read our Join Suncrown section?
    11. This question must be answered if you intend to apply for membership to suncrown. It is imperative you understand the process and what to expect. Answering yes to this question will indicate you have read this section. If your Incorporator feels you did not read this section then he/she will refer you to read it and this may well delay your incorporation.

    12. Your Character's Full Name?
    13. Here please input your Character first and last name.

    14. Your Character's First Profession?
    15. Please indicate to us your first primary profession. Your answer is limited to the actual in-game primary professions of Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Herbalism, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Mining, Tailoring or Skinning.

    16. Your Character's Second Profession?
    17. Please indicate to us your second primary profession. Your answer is limited to the actual in-game primary professions of Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Herbalism, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Mining, Tailoring or Skinning.

    18. Your Character's Age?
    19. Here you will supply us with the age of your character. Please review our Age Article before answering this question.

    20. Your Character's Personality?
    21. You are not required to go in depth with this. A paragraph explaining the surface personality of yoru character should be sufficient.

    22. Your Character's Short Biography?
    23. Summarize your character in a brief paragraph someone can read quickly.

    24. What do you imagine your affliation with Suncrown being? For help with this, please read about our various Noble Families and Retainer Orders, your character might fit into one!
    25. After reading about us, our nobles houses and orders. We want to know where you feel your character fits in the mix and why. This will help us stear your application in the right direction.

  3. Submit you application and wait. Your assigned incorporator will contact you via whatever email address you provide with the application. Do not contact your incorporator in game unless they ask you to.

  4. Your incorporator will work with you on your character concept and will ask you to fill our Character Template. They will ensure that everything jives with established lore and ensure that it is part of an Order, House (or in some cases, as a retainer for an existing player). This step may take some time to complete but yet it is the most important step.

  5. Your incorporator will then coordinate a role-play event or have you included in a plot-line. This will be the introductory event for your character into the guild.

  6. After your character has been role played into the guild, you will be /ginvited by the first available officer and given the rank of petitioner on our site. You will also receive a welcome pm on the site with further instructions.

  7. You are now on a month long trial period. Suncrown uses this period as an opportunity to get to know you as a player and to get a feel for your character. Don’t worry, this isn’t a popularity contest. You don’t need to be a social butterfly; we just want to be sure that you aren’t prone to fits of violence and/or psychotic, evil behaviour. If you’re not online enough, we will not be able to promote you at the end of the month. Suncrown also expects you to maintain your character bio with the required fields to be considered for promotion to member. To read more about that click Characcter Creation at the top of the screen.

You are now ready to proceed with your application.

(Click Here to Apply!)

Thank you for your interest and good Luck!