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Guild Info

Guild Lore

We've compiled information here that should be helpful to players who are interested in learning more about blood elf lore, or who are looking to create a blood elf character in Suncrown.

Blizzard Lore:

  1. Blizzard Timeline
  2. General history of Azeroth and the races that live there
  3. Difference between high elves and blood elves
  4. More Information on the blood elves
  5. Description of Blood Knights

Note: The following lore has been created by Suncrown to enrich the roleplaying experience for elements of society not covered by Blizzard.

Suncrown Lore:

  1. Suncrown timeline
  2. The Suncrown Guide for Newbies
  3. List of Houses encompassed by Suncrown, including their histories
  4. List of Orders with contracts to Suncrown, including their histories
  5. List of Who's Who
  6. House Lore
  7. Order Lore

Sin'dorei Culture

  1. Aging
  2. Marriage
  3. Patrilineal Succession
  4. Inheritance
  5. Silvermoon's Government and Nobility
  6. Silvermoon's Economy